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Johnson’s Sanitation is a septic service and portable toilet rental business

For over 50 years we having been providing waste/sewage hauling from septic systems/septic tanks, plus rental & servicing of a wide variety of portable toilets/washrooms, wash stands/sinks and washroom trailers. Family owned and operated.

You may find a cheaper price, but you won’t find a better service!


Portable Toilets, Washroom Trailers & Sinks  

We regularly inspect and grade our toilets, sink and trailers based on their current condition and age. Only our newest units are used for weekend rentals. Older units are used for long term rentals or construction rentals. IMPORTANT. All rental units are subject to a Conditions of Rental agreement and must be returned in the condition it was delivered.

The   Conditions of Rental   can be accessed by right clicking the banner.


Septic Tank Services

We have a variety of specialized equipment to locate and un-plug septic drain lines. With our 50 plus years, comes a knowledge of a wide range of septic systems. We offer assessments of existing septic systems. We sport a BCIN licence under the new Building Code.




Although our company colours are white with blue, we are also green. We dispose of the sewage through regulated land application and/or at a sewage treatment plant. We also use an environmental friendly chemical solution in our portable washrooms.


How to find us

Click on the following link: Johnson’s Sanitation location, Google Map Canada


Navigating our web page

Place the mouse over the tab “Services” along the top of the page. Choose “Rentals” to view the extensive selection of toilets, trailers and sinks that we rent and service. “Rental Information” tab contains an explaination of the various configurations of washrooms.They have come a long way from the backyard outhouse. Choose “Septic” to view information on your septic system or our septic related equipment.


Your opinion

If you have used our services in the past, please feel free to comment on how we did, by sending an email to


Do you live outside of the Parkhill exchange, ex. Strathroy, Grand Bend or Arkona. Call our new London number (519) 518-5346  or use 1-800-265-3473  (not national, serves a localized area only).

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Strathroy Home and Leisure Show Sat April 26 9 am to 5 pm.

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Johnson's Sanitation Service Ltd.
2312 Elginfield Road
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(519) 518-5346
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Showcase Items

New design for high-rise toilet slings use at multi-level building construction.
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We have “carts” to provide mobility to your washroom rental.