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Employment Opportunities


One opening available:

Service Maintenance and Delivery Drivers

Duties: customer service, cleaning, deliver & set up washrooms, drive manual transmission, haul trailers. Drivers Licence G: 7 yrs or more.  Seasonal or Full time.

Assets: knowledge of basic “backyard” mechanics to maintain truck and other skills (construction/electrical/plumbing) to assist around yard equipment maintenance.

One opening available:

Shop Maintenance Worker

Duties: (all-round handyman) repair and maintenance of building/washroom trailers/portable toilets/minor automotive tasks.

Assets: Drivers Licence G: 7 yrs or more, to assist with deliveries and setups when staffing is low. Experience with manual transmission.

Position currently filled:

General Yard Worker

Duties: Cleaning of portable toilets and washroom trailers, as well as minor repair on these items.

Assets: prior experience in janitorial work. Familiar with small power tools ex. drill and pop rivet tool.

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