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Hand Wash

All units are self-contained and are constructed with two separate compartments to house the fresh and waste water. We supply the paper towel and fresh water upon set up. Only the Applause Series has built in garbage bag mounts. The customer must supply garbage containers for the other units.  A few of the older units are available as a monthly rental. The majority are used as short term wekend rentals. Click on images for larger view.

“Stand Alone” Wash Stands

No power requirements. Foot pump for water spout and hand pump for soap.


Portable sink, wash station, Johnson's Sanitation
This unit holds 21 gallons of fresh water.
It has 2  basins, 2 soap dispensors, 2 paper towel dispensors.

Quanity – 18
Portable toilet, portable washroom, Johnson's Sanitation
   Applause “Half Moon”
This unit holds 60 gallons of fresh water.
It has 2 basins and can have
 1 soap dispensor with 2 paper towel dispensors
 2 soap dispensors with 1 paper towel dispensor
 depending on the model.

Quantity – 14


Portable sink, wash station, Johnson's Sanitation

Four Person (monthly rental)
This unit holds 20 gallons of fresh water. It has 4 basins, 4 soap dispensors, 4 paper towel dispensors.
Quantity – 3
Hand Sanitizer Stand, Johnson's Sanitation

Hand SanitizerUnit
The stand has 4 dispensers containing an alcohol based sanitizer. No paper towel required or supplied.
Quantity – 2

Hand Wash Trailer

Requires 110 volts A/C, 15 ampere to operate the 20 gallon water heater and water pump to feed the chrome taps.

Portable sink trailer, wash station, Johnson's Sanitation

  This unit is designed to handle large crowds.

The top center white tank is a 180 gallon fresh water supply. Beneath it an equal size galvanized waste water tank.

Front cabinet houses water pump and water heater.

Due to it’s large size, it is towed behind a truck.

Quantity – 1