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Recyclable Flush

Grey Cubes

This unit has two washroom compartments. These rooms contains a recyclable flush toilet and sink, with cold water. The men’s side has a urinal. The unit is insulated and heated. It requires a continuous power source of 110/120 volts A/C, 30 amp connected using a 10 gauge wire and a (female) L530-C plug (image below) to drive the 2 water pumps, 2 sewage pumps, 3 ceiling lights and 3 heaters (essential to winter use). Water for the sinks is supplied by a fresh water tank hidden away in the utility room. Sewage waste is stored in a tank beneath the toilet seat. The dimensions of washroom is: 8 1/2 foot frontage by 7 foot deep by 9 1/2 foot high (plus 2 1/2 feet for steps). The trailer is mounted on steel rails.

Note: once water tank is filled, trailer should not be moved.


These toilets do meet the Ministry of Labour requirements by providing a flushable toilet and hand washing facilities. Unfortunately due to the fact these trailers use screened chemical waste water to flush the bowl, these units over time and heavy use, do not remain odour-free, nor provide a very sanitary environment. Alternative: Fresh Flush


Quanity: 6

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