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Equipment Rental Agreement

Conditions Under Which Equipment Is Rented

All equipment is used at the Lessee’s risk. Johnson’s Sanitation Service Ltd exercises precaution in keeping our equipment in good working condition. Conditions which prevent satisfactory operation of equipment DO NOT relieve the Lessee of their responsibility for rental charges.

The Lessee assumes ALL responsibility for equipment while out of the possession of Johnson’s Sanitation Service Ltd & promises to return such equipment to Johnson’s Sanitation Service Ltd in as good of condition as it was at the effective date of the lease, natural wear from responsible use is expected. The Lessee shall be liable for any loss, theft, damage or destruction of the rented property. All equipment lost or damaged beyond repair will be paid for by the Lessee at the full replacement value. The cost of repairs to damaged equipment, which may be repaired by Johnson’s Sanitation Service Ltd on return, shall be paid by the Lessee.

Scheduled rental rates begin on the date equipment is required and/or delivered, and continues until the date termination of the rental is requested. Access for delivery, servicing & removal is the responsibility of the Lessee. Rental equipment will be picked up by Johnson’s Sanitation Service Ltd as soon as possible after termination. Equipment inaccessible to Johnson’s Sanitation Service Ltd will continue to be the responsibility of the Lessee and charged at full rate. Extra costs incurred by Johnson’s Sanitation Service Ltd upon removal of inaccessible equipment will be charged to the Lessee.

We agree that all charges for rental, damage, cleaning or material will be paid & that all collection fees, attorney fees, court costs or any expense involved in the collection of these will be borne by us in the court of the County in which indebtedness is incurred.

I/We agree to pay our invoices from Johnson’s Sanitation Service Ltd in a timely matter and keep our account in good standing. We understand that interest charges will be applied on all overdue accounts.



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