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Nobody puts their nose in our business.

We are open during this Covid-19 crisis.
Providing sanitation service to other essential businesses.


Inquiry Form

Inquiry Form

Information sent via this form does not constitute an order. No billing will be applied. It’s sole purpose is to determine pricing and availability of the units desired. A follow-up email will be sent to the address provided. Please fill in all areas marked with  *  before submitting form.

IMPORTANT. All rental units are subject to a Conditions of Rental agreement and must be returned in the condition it was delivered. Form must be “agreed to” at time of order. To review form, “click here“.

We service a limited area of Southwestern Ontario. List of communities.

Reg: regular-basic drop toilet
HS: hand sanitizer inside

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    Rental Items - Please Indicate Your Washroom Preferences Using Check List

    Flush with SinkReg (No Flush)


    Regular BasicRegular with HSRegular with SinkFlush with SinkWheelchair


    4 Basin - 20 Gallons2 Basin - 21 Gallons2 Basin - 60 Gallons