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Fresh Flush Portable Toilet

A fresh flush portable toilet amenities are a 15 gallon fresh water sink, accompanied with a soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser (towel supplied), a garbage pail, a 2 roll toilet paper dispenser (paper supplied) and most units, a urinal. What makes it different from a regular (static) toilet is the seat area has a bowl and flap. You must first manually flush the bowl to wet it, then later repeat flushing to wash the bowl clear. Due to the bowl and flap extending down into the tank, the normal 45 gallon capacity of the tank is reduced to approximately 35 gallons. For Fresh Water flush or any flushing unit the Max Amount should be 75 people for a 3 to 4 hour long event.


Unlike a recyclable flush which reuses the waste water from the sewage area, a fresh flush draws clear water from a water reserve to flush the bowl. This reduces odour and is much more sanitary. These toilets do exceed the Ministry of Labour requirements by providing a fresh flush toilet and hand washing facilities. It is not insulated, nor heated, therefore it’s seasonal use is limited to the temperature remaining above the freezing point. For year-round use, fresh flush trailers are recommended.

Construction and monthly rentals

Units come in grey-blue combination or all white with grey interior. The sink waste water is used to replenish the toilet flush water. The toilet flush tank holds 25 gallons of water and under normal use, lasts the entire week. The toilet can be mounted with a sling to allow it to be raised to the top floor of a building under construction.

quantity: 40

Portable Toilet, High Tech, Fresh Flush, Johnson's Sanitation Service Portable Toilet, High Tech, Fresh Flush, Johnson's Sanitation Service   Portable Toilet, High Tech, Fresh Flush, Johnson's Sanitation Service


Fleet Series Weekend or Monthly

Unit is used for weekend or private rentals and is capable of being either a fresh flush or recyclable flush. Liquid to flush the bowl is controlled by a valve, which allows the toilet to either draw fresh water from the sink or recycle the chemical solution from the tank. Set to recycle, it allows unlimited flushing, whereas set to fresh may deplete the 12 gallon sink water under heavy usage. The fresh flush setting is the most sanitary choice.

Available in white for weekend (quantity 16), pink (quantity 1), blue (quantity 3), blue & white (quantity 2) and older models in white  (quantity 12) for monthly.


PolyJohn Fleet Series
portable toilet fresh flush, Johnson's Sanitation Service
Portable toilet, portable washroom, Johnson's Sanitation
Portable toilet, portable washroom, Johnson's Sanitation
FleetPink&Blue (5) FleetPinkInterior (3) FleetPinkInterior (4)