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PolyJohn PJN
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The PJN is the workhorse of the PolyJohn line. The traditional design makes it ideal for a variety of applications. And the PJN is built to last. The unit is manufactured with our proven, specially formulated high-density polyethylene. This three-part formula developed and tested in coordination with Ciba-Giegy and Phillips 66 has been proven to extend the life of our portable toilets to over ten years. This special polyethylene is resilient, impact resistant and stands up to weather extremes.
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Our supplier of vacuum trucks. Vacutrux logo
Our supplier of washroom trailers.
McKee Technologies
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Bio-Desolve, the 100% natural solution for wastewater, biosolids and water treatment contains:

  1. Activated Carbon
  2. Humic Acid
  3. Specially selected communities of microbes
The activated carbon in Bio-Desolve has the ability to adsorb and tie up toxins and chemicals in water/wastewater that tend to inhibit the activity of the millions of bacteria existing in those environments. The humic acids stimulate the existing bacteria to help kick-start them into operating at optimum levels, therefore helping balance the entire system.  The efficiently operating bacteria accelerate biosolids digestion, and help create healthier systems with decreased levels of gases and odours.  The microbes in Bio-Desolve are extremely effective in breaking down phosphates, oils and fats that have a negative impact on the treatment of the wastewater stream.
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Every product is designed specifically for the portable sanitation industry. Select from liquid deodorizersdry deodorizersextra fragrance products and cleaners.