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We are open during this Covid-19 crisis.
Providing sanitation service to other essential businesses.


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We are a family owned and operated Canadian business. Established in 1959 by Douglas A. Johnson and his wife Shirley Johnson.
The business began shortly after Douglas A. Johnson worked part-time for a now dissolved septic service business, while living in Grand Bend, Ontario.The first truck put into operation was an old gasoline truck modified to pump sewage. This truck was a “bondo buggy” put together with the help of an army buddy. As the business grew, his wife Shirley Johnson was enlisted to handle the accounting.In the 70’s the business expanded to include the installation of septic leeching beds. By 1975, his son Douglas J. Johnson joined the company full time to operate the Septic truck. In the 80’s portable toilet rentals were added to the roster. In 1986, John J. Johnson, return to Parkhill and began the job of servicing the ever increasing demand for portable rentals. Beverly (Johnson) and her husband later joined in 1996. Beverly assumed Office Manager. Bev’s husband took over John Johnson’s service runs, while John focused on managing the portable rentals. Doug Jr. began managing the septic servicing and a new driver was hired to take his place on the road. 
Johnson's Sanitation FoundersShirley Johnson and the late Douglas Johnson
  Beverly Lamoureux
Douglas Johnson (Jr) (retired)  
  John Johnson
Our humble begining. The first Septic truck. 1959 Septic Truck 1st Gen
Honey Wagon The first portable toilet truck. 1986
Today the business employs approximately 21 people, including family members. We maintain close to 900 portable toilets, 20 hand wash stands, 18 washroom trailers, serviced by a fleet of 17 trucks. This is a portion of our winter staff.